How It Ends

by Neither Scene Nor Herd

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released October 20, 2012

Recorded in Summer 2012 at Last Chance Studios
Produced by Canon O'Briant and Neither Scene Nor Herd



all rights reserved


Neither Scene Nor Herd Greensboro, North Carolina

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Track Name: Relapse
welcome to my nightmare
did you come for the accommodations?
tell me friends, do you feel welcomed?

it's been a long night
and i can't seem to find a way to make you feel alive
it's been a long night
the candles are aligned along the edges of your spine
is this my life?
you're out at night and it makes me jealous
is that what's right?
it's never right
i never was the person that you wanted

and i swear i've heard it all BEFORE you turn and walk away
why can't you just let it be?
you say it's okay to be afraid
well hey, i'm still afraid

i was the one that watched you
you were the one "saving" you
i was the one that was abused
you were the one thinking of you

it feels like i'm the one who's changing
but i know you're the one that's caving
i don't know what it's like to be somebody else every night
i'm alone because i stayed the same
and that's what hurts.
Track Name: May 8
they take it all away and promise better days
nothing to look forward to
no one too look up to
i'm not one to think that i am worth more than you

remember, remember the 8th of may
that's the day they took my rights away

this is a war
i'm not the one that's asking for more
brothers are bleeding out on the floor
i'm not the one that's asking for more

we won't go away
Track Name: We Rob Banks
get off your fucking phone
cover your head
the undead past drags its feet
tries to eat you alive
why don't you all chew on something i can't explain?
what i would do for another night another round another go
do you know what i would do for you?

where have you been?
they ask me "where have you been?"

do you want to know
what it's like to fade?
to be done away?
let it bury you
collide and bury you
i'd break down the bars
cover So Many Scars
yeah, i'd be there too

i know what i would do for you
Track Name: Try, Try Again
oh hey there
you're tearing up again, tearing up again

oh my god can i be forgiven?
struggling beneath the surface now
the water in my lungs helps me black out
and i watch as i sink below
with the grasp of a dark blue undertow

if you're not with me, you're against me

and i found answers
outside of your structures
the warm light so advertised was in
pale eyes, pale eyes

and it's not like i didn't try
why can you accept and dismiss parts of the same lie?
after it all, i am alone
i'm on my own
but yet still
the cadence grows